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Bee Balqis - My First English Blog Post

Bee Balqis - My First English Blog Post

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb
Hallo semuanya. Kali ini saya ingin menulis sesuatu yang santai dan sederhana. Blog post ini juga sekaligus langkah awal merealisasikan target di tahun 2016 yaitu mulai mencoba menulis blog menggunakan bahasa inggris. Yaaaa, sebenarnya sih mencoba menantang diri sendiri. Jadi kalau tulisan saya ada yang salah, please beri tau ya :D. Terima kasih.

Ok at first,  I would like to introduce myself. My name is Oka. I am from Indonesia. Now, I am a student of college in syari’ah accounting department and also a Blogger. My blog name is Bee Balqis. I usually write in Indonesian language on my blog. From now on,  i will try to write in english. Maybe once in every three weeks. 

I like writing my stories since elementary school. I wrote on small and beautiful book (Diary). On 2012 I tried to express myself on blog. So that’s why I love writing because it always makes me feel better. 

I try hard to learn everything about blog; such as writing, content concern, SEO and design since 2015. It was when I joined some blogger communities (Kumpulan Emak Blogger, Blogger Perempuan, Blogger Muslimah, Asinan Blogger and many more). Anyway, Thank you for accepted me for being a part of such a joy/warm groups. It’s my pleasure being part of you guys.

There were many bloggers  that have amazing skill in blogging that I have already met. They are very good on blog. I always wonder how to be like them. So I will learn and practice all the time. 

My big dream is to be a writer, especially to be a Jilbab Travel Writer. Like my dad, Pay Sujarwo and Asma Nadia. I think, to be a travel writer is really cool. Of course because I like traveling too.

Since 2013 I’ve joined so many writing contests and projects for pursuing my dream. I always remember some of quotes that makes me more motivated:

“Dreams are invented. We are not born with them. Impian-impian itu diciptakan atau diundang. Karena kita tidak lahir bersama mereka (impian)." (Dream Catcher by Alanda Kariza).”

The reason why I started write my blog post in English are:
  1. I want to increase my english skill.
  2. Some of my friends from overseas have ever ask me to write my blogpost in English. Therefore I hope my English blog post (stories, experiences and ideas) would useful and have a good impact for a lot of people.
  3. Meet a lot of (new) people. I was curious to meet and know other bloggers around the world. I think It’s gonna be fun.

I would like to share and write about traveling, culture, tourism and (sometimes) story of my life. Besides, I also want to challenge myself to write about sharia economic like zakat, accounting, fiqh muamalah, business, banking, etc. How about you?

I think that’s all (my first English post). See you in my next post. 


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