Tentang Saya

Hi Hi! My Name is Bee Balqis. Call me Bee. I am from Indonesia. My blog name's Bee Balqis. 

I would like to share and tell about traveling, culture, tourism. Sometimes i would like to write story of my life and sharing everything in another blog (here: www.inibeebalqis.com).

My Dream is be Jilbab Travel Blogger. Surely I like traveling and learn about culture too. 

On my blog i love to write and tell about my dream. That's why i call my blog is dream blog. Even i have also made a tagline (as a reminder to keep fighting) hehehe :D

Dream, Write and Make It Come True

I hope my blog post (stories, experiences and ideas) would useful and have a good impact for a lot of people.

So what is your dream? 
Let's share stories, opinions and ideas.
Instagram : bee_balqis
Facebook : Bee Balqis
Twitter : Beebalqisblog
Email : nurlailao@gmail.com

3 komentar:

  1. halo mbak, kayaknya kita sama deh. aku juga pengen jadi travel blogger hijaber hehe.. semoga cita2 kita berdua tercapai ya mbak, hihi..
    mampir ke blog aku ya mbak traveltime-ku.blogspot.co.id

    1. Aamiin. Semoga mimpi kita tercapai ya. Saling menyemangati ya. Salam kenal. Tunggu kunjungan ku ya.