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Celebrate My New Age: Welcome 22

Celebrate My New Age
Hello guys! Welcome to my blog, Bee Balqis.

The day before yesterday (September 21) was my birthday. So, thank you so much for all of your beautiful duas. It is a the best gift for me.

Anyway almost a couple months, i didn't write down any single one of blog post. Because i'm very busy with my research as one of requirement to get my college degree. Honestly, i'm really miss doing blogging activities such as go to blogger gathering, write anything that what i like and feel, and of course hunting bunch of blog competitions (although i was rare hit it, hehe). 

But today i steal a few miutes to writing this short blog post for celebrate my day like last year.

Read my 21 y/o blog post: Merayakan Usia Baru: Menciptakan Impian

In this year i still keep some of my dreams and wishful like last year. Be a Jilbab Travel Writer and have a chance travelling to Korea. 

Alhamdulillah, with Allah permission i could reach some of my dreams and get a better plan in my 21 years old. Such as healthy, family, friends, have a chance to get a free travelling in Beijing, meet many amazing people, have a chance learn everything and etc. 

Bee Balqis Blog
Meet up with Asinan Blogger
Bee Balqis Blog
Launching New Oppo
Bee Balqis Blog
Oneday i will real in Finland.
Bee Balqis Blog
Got a spirit from embassy of Finland. Aamiin.
Bee Balqis Blog
Hanbok New Experience at KCCI. I wish i was in Korea :)
Bee Balqis Blog
Assalamualaikum Beijing! Where is Chung-Chung? Hehe
Bee Balqis Blog
I'm gonna miss you guys. (my classmate <3)

Now in my 22 y/o, i'm will make the same way like last year. I will write some of my dreams in this blog post. Such as my tag line: Dream, Write, Make It Come True.

Surely my first dreams are healthy, become a better muslimah and be a useful person. My another dreams are be a Jilbab Travel Blogger (yang berkah, bermanfaat dan berlimpah *ragu dengan tulisan bahasa inggrisnya, hehe). 

If in my 21 y/o, i dream to explore Korea. So in my 22, i  also want to travelling around Indonesia and have experience to discover Finlandia. If you follow my Instagram, you'll know how much i dream all of this. My instagram is bee_balqis ( hint hint :D ).

Actually many wishful and dreams that i have, but i think that's all i could tell to you. I hope you guys always have a wonderful day. See you later on my another blog post.

Oh ya, i'm forget one wish again. I hope could finishing my study soon. So Bee could attend in graduation ceremony on November 2016 *hint hint again. Hehehe :D (Aamiin).

Ok... Bye Bye ~

Disclaimer: I'm write this post without check in google translate before. So i'm apologize for my english. Why i'm write this post in english? Because lagi pengen aja (bingung nulis bahasa inggrisnya). :D


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